Canes for Walking and Collecting
Published in Casa Viva Magazine
Volume 147, p. 36

"I understand the cane as a beautiful object, personal, the carrier of a subliminal message of power." In this manner the artist Cocomir justifies one of the chapters that forms part of his creative activity of the last 25 years, combined along with his dedication to sculpture, either in large format or in reduced dimensions, minimal and portable.

It is in this line in which his extensive collection of canes - more than 350 exclusive models - is situated, made in silver, ceramics, ebony, palisander, blood wood, coral wood, bubinga, cherry and an endless number of noble materials, without renouncing composites in some of the pieces.

Cocomir knows and loves canes, he pampers them, and with a permanent knowledge and control over the materials and their technical qualities, he succeeds in converting them into linear sculptures. Each piece is an exercise and a homage, a story condensed into a few centimetres whose vocation is to be firmly gripped for taking walks.

His collection is classified in series, starting with Animalistica, in terms of a bestiary and reinterpretation, Cocoles, an intimate, enveloping, and playful exercise, and continuing with the Garrotas (Shepherd's Crooks), Nobel, Modernist, etc., all signed, numbered and limited editions.

His work can be seen in his studio of Sant Antoni de Calonge or in the permanent exhibition of canes in Vendome in Barcelona.

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