Beauty: The Added Value of Useful Objects
By J.C.H.
Published in El Correo Español, El Pueblo Vasco
December 16, 1984
Cocomir, international artist, who returns to his Catalan origins, and explains throughout Spain - now in the Galeria Berruet - his understanding of life through the forms of canes, mirrors, jewels...

In the beginning man created support, picking up a branch that the wind had torn from a tree, and he smoothed it to the image of the roughness of his hand; in the beginning man only knew himself in the terror or joy seen in the face of another man he came across, many times in his own face reflected in a mirror of water; in the beginning man invoked benign spirits, exorsized the malignant ones, and remembered those absent in the friendly forms of stone, wood, and metal; and man found that the walking stick, the mirror, the jewel, the fetish and the sculpture were good. And he loved them from the pain of the wounded knee to the depths of his pounding heart.

Following in the footsteps of the beginning, one day Cocomir left his birthplace Llerida, and decided to travel the shortest route to find himself, going around the world, including stops, staying at inns, and with constant exercises of observation, apprenticeship and guesswork in Brazil, Japan, Timor, Mauritania, London, Italy. He has rescued the iconoclastic pirouette of the cane from the center of the earth, whose use encloses a Nobel Peace Prize winner, a Malaysian tiger, a gardenia.

Forbidden usage: the mocking wink of a mirror, divided in two, breaks you schizophrenically in two, and don't you dare look at yourself, because of that permanently melting mauve-colored drop; the latent complaint, soft, painless, of the Christs, trying to escape from their crosses, slipping towards rest and joy; that last fairy, falling on you from the ceiling, falling on you from the sky, with its metallic magic wand, harmoniously softened by the color, the circular color, filed, very thin, pampered, miracles without stridency, perhaps an unexpected cut, unavoidable, because not even the fairies when they fall are free from risk, from the scraping of the fall.

Cocomir has returned to Spain for this, a gesture of refined barbarism, savagely civilized, light, fragile, hard to define, to exhibit his discoveries, today, now, in Logroño, until the 21st of December, before the winter solstice arrives, here in the Galeria Berruet, who will see him once again.

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