A Catalan Artist Exhibits 100 Cane Sculptures
Published in El Correo Catalán, p.48, 26 May 1982.
Barcelona. - Cocomir, the Catalan sculptor and architect presents in the Circulo Equestre an exhibition of cane sculptures made in wood, bronze, and other noble materials, whose originality is unquestionable.

The exhibition, inaugurated the day before yesterday with many people attending, consists of a hundred pieces that are not canes to be used, but are sculptural creations inspired by the form and qualities of the cane, an object now in decadence.

The sculptor Cocomir - pseudonym with which the artist exhibits his work - is little known in Catalunya, where he has only had one exhibition: in the Galeria Adriá of Barcelona. He lives in Italy and previously resided in London. His interest in canes is not a recent phenomenon. He poseses an important private collection and is President of Freinds of the Cane, for whom he made a series of ten sculptured canes inspired by bulls. "It was a challenge," Cocomir explains, "to give form to the theme of bullfighting in a cane sculpture and from there surged the idea of continuing to work with sculptures in this line."

Cocomir has also made other series of cane sculptures, as well as large sculptures, in this way combining his enthusiasm for this useful and ornamental object with his artistic work. There are few places more suited to exhibit them than the Circulo Equestre, which has dedicated a large space to Cocomir's exhibition.

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