Editions of Artist's Designs


Cocomir's Canes are divided into the following classifications:

Very important!
Please take into account that sources for special woods are constantly changing and therefore, before placing an order, consult with us to confirm if it is possible to serve you the cane with the type of wood specified in the original description.

All of Cocomir's Canes are dedicated and named in relation to the following themes:

Nobel Series: a homage to those who make a gift of their talent
Escultores Series: in gratitude to my past and present masters
Animalística Series: in terms of a bestiary or reinterpretation
Cocoles Series: intimate, enveloping and playful exercises
Filósofos Series: complex and defined
Mitológicos Series: magical and chimerical
Modernista Series: art nouveau artists and architects
Garrotes Series: mutations of a traditional and simple form
Homenaje Series: to those who while not knowing them personally, have taught me to understand life as I do